Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lament a Family Capsized

I only want my sons and daughters
to be good citizens of the world.
I want them to score As
in everything they do.
Anything creative can always
be learnt after they retire.
The most important thing
for them now
is to learn how to make money,
and more money
so that they'll have gargantuan bungalows,
prestigious cars and an abundance of wealth
so that they can shop, eat and travel with ease.
They will have noble positions
that will pay off
and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.
They will believe in the system,
they will believe in the same god like I do,
they will honor me,
they will respect me,
they will listen to me,
they will obey me.
I am the parent,
I am the life-giver,
I am the savior,
I am greater than the sun and rain,
I am the voice,
the hand that rocks the cradle.
the sons and daughters rebel,
the sons and daughters runaway,
the sons and daughters kill themselves,
the sons and daughters sedate themselves with drugs,
the sons and daughters leave home and never want to go back,
the sons and daughters screw up their lives
with broken homes,
broken marriages,
broken relationships,
broken souls
and then the parents ask:
'Why do you do this to us when we gave you everything
you ever needed to be the best.'
And the the sons and daughters reply,
'All I wanted was
to love myself for who I am but
you said it wasn't important.
All I wanted was to dream my dreams
but you said it was frivolous.
All I wanted was to spend time as a family
but you were too busy making the house
bigger all the time which never
became a home.
All I wanted was a hug
not clothes or shoes,
not gadgets or credit cards,
not false pretenses and fake friends.
But you told me they were important
to make me you.'

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