Thursday, May 7, 2009

You know you're conditioned when:

You are obsessed with junk food.
You need something call stress-shopping.
You love it when a new mall opens.
You hate your job, your life and your world but do nothing about it.
You draw a line between people who are known as 'Us' and 'Them'.
You watch TV all the time but know you shouldn't.
You waste time on frivolous things every week but you keep on doing it.
You have to smoke.
You have to drink.
You have to get high.
You have to be promiscuous.
You have buried yourself with work.
You have to make lots of money because it is the thing to do.
You are cynical, sarcastic and neurotic.
You are angry all the time.
You do what other people do and justify it by saying 'That's the way it is'.
You line up a perfect life where you will get a car, buy a big house, get married, have kids to continue the humanity.
You are afraid of everything the news tells you.
You have no faith in the world of getting better.
You hide behind dogmas.
You cry alone.
You think you're the only one.
You die a miserable death.
You want something that you don't need.
You deny yourself the truth.
You deny others the truth.
You don't know what is the truth.
All you say is 'What can I do? I'm just one person? It won't make any difference.'

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