Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cuckoo Birds & things absurd

This is the first time I am watching Jo Kukathas perform life on stage and she is absolutely marvelous. From an overly dramatic paranoid Julie to a typical Chinese accented mam she plays the roles with ease as she slips into the many shoes she wear.

Cuckoo Birds is a mish mash of everything rolled into one. It's an anthology of issues that range from homosexuality to physical abuse, human rights discrimination, religion, crime, Pulau Ketam dogs, maids and many many more that will tickle you, traumatize you and tear you up with emotional distress.

The rest of the cast are Anne James, Elaine Pedley and Mohd Fared Jainal who perform just as beautifully with the many hats they wear. It is directed by Natalie Hennedige. One of the most brilliant points in this play is the stage design which is a platform with doors for the actors to pop in and out of as they dress, undress, appear, disappear and transform from one charcater to another.

It's not exactly a feel good play because when I left the Annexe I had quite unsettling thoughts about the issues that have yet to be resolved in real life. But when I think about the absurdity in some parts it made me laugh like a silly woman with feathers in her head.

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