Sunday, July 5, 2009

Better Lecturer

I wished I could have been a better lecturer.
I would have liked to teach you about happiness
instead of how to scan with Photoshop.
I would have liked to teach you about self-reliance
instead of designing a logo in Illustrator.
I would have liked to teach you about appreciating
the beauty of the skies and wonders of the earth
instead of making you work for the marks and credits
which mean nothing in the end.
I would have liked to teach you kindness
to share with your friends and neighbors
instead of showing you how to use In-Design to lay out a page.
I would have liked to remind you of your strength
and help build your confidence
instead of reminding you of the late fees that will get you in trouble.
I would have liked to share some time talking about the world and you
instead of conditioning you to belief that success solves everything.
I would have liked to be a little more understanding and be more compassionate
when you didn't hand up your assignments
instead of black marking you and comparing notes with the other lecturers.
I would have liked to tell you it's okay
to have chosen a course that doesn't suit you,
to be at the bottom of the class,
to feel like you don't belong
because ultimately you can change your path and future
instead of scaring you with rules and regulations.
I would have liked to listen to your dreams
and know what your passions are
instead of ranting all the time about other things that don't matter.
I would have liked to open you to a world of possibilities
where nothing is impossible when there is love
instead of locking the door,
confining you to your space and leave you to fend for yourself.
But I believe nothing is too late.
Not in any sense.
Although back then I was conditioned,
just like you
I am now awaken
and I know you will be too someday.
And for all those times
you have been a teacher to me
as much as I have to you.


Ash said...

you were the best lecturer i ever had
you thought about happiness
the very first day when you gave us Marquis's Lesson of the Moth - which i still keep in my wallter to this day and also stuck above my bed
you thought about appreciating Beauty
you ready my silly poem called Passion
you stopped classes to tell us how inconsiderate people are when they dont even allow others to exit the LRT
you made me feel like someone important when you told the class "Never look down on others, even they boy who sits in the back'
you reminded us of late fees - but i know not because you wanted to, because the job warranted it
you were compassionate and understanding, even when the assignments were late
you spake the truth when you told me i was not in the right course
you told me its 'okay'
you held my hand when i trembled with fear
you made me belong
you listened to my dreams
you gave advice from the heart - one filled with pure love
you live "be pure to the one you adore"
you made me believe nothing is impossible with love - today i tell everyone i care about that i love them, even those who feel uncomfortable with it, because you thought me to, you thought me even if one person is touched, it's all that matters
you made me believe my own PASSION
and here i am today, alive.
you are one of those few whose beautiful soul permeates and exudes and suffuses the room.
you are a teacher
because you dont care that i typed with with typos and no capitals
never forget the Beauty you hold inside.

Julya said...

Thank you Ash