Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today I am 7

Today I shall remember
the friends I have made and lost,
the acquaintances I have found
and crossed paths with,
foods I used to enjoy,
diets I have shift.
My days of idle youth,
my nights of lonely truths,
people I could not help but detest
and those who find the feeling mutual.
On this day I'd like to request
a change of heart for what is beautiful.
A lot more love
and a little less hatred,
a lot more patience
for a whole lot of seasons.
Today I am 7,
but I have yet to venture into
the pleasures or heaven
that fill the soul with songs
and the bodies with dances.
I shall take today as my first step
to begin my journey
into the light and darkness
into the minds of perfect strangers
where I can dwell,
for a little while,
for a long time.
I may have lost my sense of smell
but the fragrance still lingers on,
I may have climbed out of the well
but I am seeking comfort in the shell.
I live today for today
and shall look at tomorrow when I wake.
Hugs and kisses to all you darlings
I shall now turn to bed.

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