Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tuah Kembali: My Verdict & Farewell to a Great Artist

Damn! The first thing I saw was my name. The opening credits used my unglamorous name and the closing credits used my glamorous name! Hahah! I messaged the director to tell him that and he assured me he already shot the person responsible. I mean he didn't have to do that, torture would suffice actually :P

Anyway, how did I like it? Well, it's not too bad considering the budget and time constraint. It's funny in parts but the heart is missing, a whole lot of it. There was supposed to be a beautiful wedding scene with yellow acacias falling like snow on Eja and Han watches her go to be married to the Sultan as his heart breaks. Tall order for a small movie, I know, but I wrote it in anyway. I thought the drawing could have been a little better. It would have been marvelous. If it was then I would have really liked the book. I imagined the final scene, where the portal was opening, to be a grand finale but it was toned down somewhat but it's okay nevertheless.

And my favorite part of the movie is the bookshop owner who kept saying 'Wa tak tahu. Wa apa pun tak tau." Hahhahhha!!!

There's always this saying between the movie director and I 'can be better la'. So I'm waiting eagerly for the next feature film to see how better better is ... with a little more budget.

But sadly ... after watching the movie a few minutes later my friend told me about Yasmin Ahmad's passing. I never really knew her although I emailed her once. I would like to dedicate the movie and moments for such a beautiful person who actually made a difference in our lives. But then again - death is not the end.

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Shiekoreto said...

Hey Julya!,
good stuff! im enjoying what u write here,going thru bit by bit, gimme sumtime to reply email hehe, i like to craft my email cuz usally i send wrong msg or wrote wrong stuff, take care!