Thursday, August 20, 2009

From my Son's blog

168- 16Aug 2009

168... it is a strange day.
861... my house number.
168... my coming out date.
861... just a number that i lived in for 10 years...
168... meant a lot to me.
861... there a so many memory.
168... some accepted me, some may not.
861... i am planning to leave.
168... new life is coming to me.
861... thanks for protecting me all this years.
168... i got the courage to accept what i am.
861... my mom could not accept what i am, it take time.
168... my the other mom happy to accept who i am.
861... mom, sorry for making u suffer.
168... feel lighter, not more heavy lifting in future.
861... starting to feel strange, awkward in the house.
168... i know i can live better.

861-168 my journey starts, feel like everything getting easier. All word i don't have to think twice before i could have said it. It is really nice to being myself.

I am what i am. after 24 years of denying who i am. At last, i got the "balls" to accept who i am.

Love n Peace