Monday, August 17, 2009

The Night Seksualiti Merdeka closed with a bang and my son outed himself to me

It was a wild week.

The wildest week that started on Wednesday night when I became part of the sharings and musings with Datin Marion D'Cruz, Mano Maniam, Will Quah, Cheryl and Irene Leong on the subject of sexuality themed under 'All We Need Is Love'. They were stories of our personal experiences and journeys about this thing call sexuality from the hilarious to the somber, quaint to the mesmerizing. I love the coziness of the setup up and the lighthearted manner in which Pang and Jerome hosted the evening of casual discussions and conversations.

Sexualiti Merdeka is one of the most innovative and exciting events that is just so full of love and loving. Though I missed the play I had a great time at the human and sexuality rights workshop (or Kafe bisikan seks dan seksualiti), the brilliant launching by Marina Mahathir with some wonderful insights, the hilarious debate on Moral Policing, the BODY 2 BODY book launch and the magnificent fantabulous Rainbow Massacre. With a lineup like Joanne Kam, Mia Palencia, Shanon Shah, Zalina Lee, Fang Chyi, Maya Tan, and V-Mix, with emcees Edwin Sumun & Fahmi Fadzi, how can campy not spell out this mini concert?

When the curtains came down and Sheila aka Edwin sang the last notes and dance the last dance it was hard to say goodbye. I first went on a dancing delirium and then went on a hugging spree with the gorgeous and the beautiful people who made it all possible wishing life was all but a song and dance.

I was on the way home with my son when he finally confirmed my suspicion of his sexuality. Though it wasn't a surprise it was an overwhelming sense of relief. And he went on to share more intimate secrets about himself to me which I was honored to be a part of. How can parents not love their children when they come out truthful about themselves is beyond me. Though my son is not my biological son he is my pound of flesh and my pound of blood because I love him for everything that he is.


dylan86 said...

Glad that I met you and all the great people who came including the other volunteers. Volunteering for Seksualiti Merdeka really opened a whole new world that I never knew existed before. Its refreshing and I really thank all the sponsors and Pang especially for making it happen.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely posting, Julya. Am very pleased to have met you and to have the privilege of hearing your story. Keep writing great stories!

Julya said...

Hey Cheryl I love your heartwarming story. I am so happy I met you too. Funny thing I met Animah who also knows you from way back.

Julya said...

Hey Dylan

Is that your name? Don't remember meeting a Dylan though but I'm glad to have met you anyway.

Vivian Adelene said...

Julya, you are an awesome beautiful and wonderful person and I am grateful to have met you. I hope I continue to be inspired by you through our meet ups and collaborations. v!v

Julya said...

Viv baby you don't have to be grateful. Let's just enjoy life and make things happen! Woohoo!