Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ta Da Dum

After two weeks and more of physically-demanding events, soul-searching agendas, heart-warming moments and mind-taxing challenges I am finally back home to tranquility, fresh air and the sounds of nature.

When I woke up this morning I felt like I could just break out into a Happy Working Song (from Enchanted) or Whistle While You Work (from Snow White) and summon the mynahs, bulbuls, sparrows, orieoles, kingfishers, doves, gibbons, skinks, house lizards, insects, cats and the two dogs to help start the day.

It was cloudy and yet sunny, cool and yet warm, quiet and yet full of songs.

Ta da dum as I stir on my soft and cushy bed,
Feeling the sun's kiss on my cheek and head,
The birds and bees humming a tuneful whisper
and the dogs sashayed in to bring my slipper.

I waltz into the bathroom with a silly smile and grin,
the lizards hand me the toothbrush as they sing,
Every tooth must be accounted for to keep it strong and healthy
Backing up the song are the bed bugs, ticks and fleas.

The doves help me out of my pasar malam nightdress,
And get me ready for a nasi lemak, teh tarik breakfast,
After I had my fill of carbs I turned my computer on,
With the dog on my lap I write this little ta da dum song.

Ahhh ... isn't life wonderful?

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