Friday, September 4, 2009


It's like it never was
a house,
a home.
The company,
the money.
When everything is sorted out
something else is runied.
Sometimes you try
hard as you can
but they just won't
come together.
Like how you wish it to,
like how you want it to,
like how you need it to.
things just fall apart
and remain broken
because that's how
everyone wants it to be.
They stay trapped,
they stay strapped,
they stay wrecked.
There's no communication,
there's no interaction,
there's only indecision
that spins out of control.
Get smacked,
get whacked,
get staked
up like garbage.
Some people are in pieces,
some are in stitches,
and all caught up with wishes
yet broken
they remain.

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