Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey! Watch where you're peeing!

What is it with boys, guys, men who pee all over toilet seats? If they are below three years old I might actually understand that it's impossible to reach or control their little weenies. But otherwise, how can they not know why peeing all over a toilet seat is a barbaric act that will cause more than just inconvenience? Isn't that obvious? But why do they still do it? God almighty! How are these males raised in the first place?

Is this some kind of a conspiracy theory or unsolved mystery of the world that can only be classified under the X-files? This strange phenomenon is experienced by women all over the world and there is no cure for their men and boys.

(sung to the song 'Why can't the English? from My Fair Lady, more or less)
Why can't a man learn how to pee?
Why can't he hold it and aim with discreet?
And not spray all over like a storm in the sea,
Why can't a man just sit on the seat?

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