Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Near Misses, Lost Wishes

I've always had near misses in my life. From jobs opportunities to relationships to what not. I am the one who almost always got it but end up not getting it. If I were to measure my misses in a worldly yardstick there would have been great misfortunes and hundred and one regrets. But strangely, because of the near misses that I left behind I got other things instead that shaped me to be who I am today.

You can understand the near misses in your life as God's divine intervention or the inevitable predetermination of fate or your subconscious request from the laws of attraction. Whatever you believe to be true, near misses in your life is not fatal. It's not the one and only chance you'll get that will never come your way again. Life is not such but a series of occurrences that are connected from one source to another. Why you missed that moment in life can only be answered by yourself. Perhaps you were not ready to accept the truth, perhaps you were better off letting it go, and perhaps you knew deep within you that it was not what you wanted in the first place.

When you are ready to hear the answers they will come back to you like an epiphany. But if you refuse to listen and you still want to hang on to what you lost you will never come to that realization of transcendence. You may continue to be bitter and drown in the sorrow you only know too well for the rest of your life.

When you think about it, it’s not about what you didn’t get in life that’s important, it’s about the things that you got that is worth treasuring. Anyway, how sure are you that it’ll make your life more exciting, fulfilling and satisfying if you get what you’ve always been longing for?

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