Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Night Skies in my Eyes

Here I am sitting at the dining table - it's always the dining table for me even at Hartamas and in Taiping and most places I go - clicking away on the keyboard looking out the window with the view of the city lights. The KL tower is sparkling away like camera flashes of paparazzi and the twin towers look as though they are about to take off into outer space any minute now.

I am just back from a short swim in the pool, having eaten a simple fried rice dinner and now all cleaned up and in my night dress surfing away. What I can't believe is the complete transition or change that occurred almost at a snap of the finger. When I was still back home in Taiping all I could see through the windows are obscure shadows of trees and when I was in Hartamas there were only the road and street lamp. Now it's the cityscape. I lived all these 3 places in a day on Monday and I am still nonplussed at the speed which events could happen.

Life's changes can be drastic and immediate. Once it's gone it's gone. Once it's here it's here. You just have to be prepared for it, for anything so that you would be able to readapt yourselfwithin a short period of time. Taking too long to accept the inevitable can be draining on the heart, body, soul and mind.

There may be questions as to why change is necessary but if you just listen to your heart and trust your instincts the universe will reveal the reasons behind it. As I was floating on the water looking at the night sky just now I was elated and contented to know we do make a difference to everyone we meet and leave, it'sjust how much we give or take from them.

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