Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of late

I have been feeling more and more like there's little hope for humanity, or the majority of them.

I've been seeing 1111 or 111 frequently everywhere I look.

I've been missing nature, the company of trees.

I've been feeling lost in the city, knowing that it's not my home.

I've been feeling like an out of body experience even when I'm awake and conscious.

I've been seeing images at the corners of my eyes.

I've been hearing whispers, sometimes my name, sometimes a word.

I've been experiencing synchronous events.

I've been zapped from energy in some places with some people.

I've been having pulsating energies in the palm of my hands.

I'm been having intense dreams & nightmares, some with premonitory suggestions.

I've been missing home. A home unlike this world...


Hmm... said...

Julya… this year I felt the overwhelming necessity to make frequent excursions away from the maddening town… city… cars… buildings… the internet…. media…. and throngs of people…. Not because I was bored… but just like you I had this despondent helpless feeling looking at life on our planet… So dragging my family along we drive out of KL and head to beautiful places…. for the day… we fish, sleep under the trees, laze about …. Wonderful therapy… I highly recommend it.

Julya said...

That sounds wonderful. I used to do that a lot when I was a kid back in my hometown. Go cycling round town, soaking and swimming, walking round the lakes ... yeah I must go back to the simple life.