Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta lie through your teeth

I'm not one who lies easily. In fact I am such a bad liar I hardly ever get away with it. But sometimes, just sometimes you gotta lie through your teeth and bones to avoid certain unpleasantness or disaster and that's what I dislike most. The worst case scenario I've recently experienced is to be caught in a friend's father's string of interrogations. On one hand I would have liked to tell him word for word, truth for truth for every question he puts before me. But because of his age, his old school ideals and his traditional outlook at what should be in life I was stuck with the ridiculousness of telling him what he wants to hear. This almost one way conversation is like a fracture on glass. I could feel the hairline cracks begin with each inquisitory demand he has to want to know why or how or what.

With cold invisible sweat running down my back, I told a little white lie and extended it to the next and before I knew it I was shaking with trepidation. Not that I believe that I will go to hell or get my tongue sliced off but the fact that I am writing a script in my mind to entertain this elderly man because I didn't know how much truth he can take. I didn't want to be responsible for his heart to give way or his ideal world to crumble down or his grasp of life as he knows it to be shredded to pieces.

By lying to him I thought I was being considerate but then again was I patronizing him by assuming that he couldn't handle the truth?

Gee whiz, what would anyone do in this situation?


adriene said...

hi julya,

i visited your blog after buying ur zine today at annex (the one that you made with shieko). this post struck me. the last line in particular.

the zine is great by the way!

Julya said...

Thanks Adriene - glad you like the zine. Am compiling for volume 2 now:P

Glad the post struck you too.