Monday, September 28, 2009

The things that we justify

The conman justifies his crime with the gullible and the greedy.
The parents justify their irresponsibility with the need to feed the family.
The children justify their trouble making with the lack of attention at home.
The husband justifies his infidelity with his wife's losing interest in sexual activity.
The wife justifies her incessant shopping and frivolous lifestyle with her husband's lack of romantic gestures.
The addict justifies his obsession with his disrupted childhood.
The writer justifies his inability to write with writer's block.
The performer justifies his lack of talents with his need for fame.
The religious justify their fanaticism with God's wrath.
The media justify their sensationalism with the freedom of the press.
The sex workers justify their profession with poverty and lack of education.
The murderers justify their killings with insanity, paranormal activity and religion.
The authorities justify their brutality with security for the common people.
The government justifies its anti human rights policies with the nation's inability to think for themselves.
The fearful justify their indifference with the want of peace.
The angry justify their outbursts with stress.
The dying justify their end with fate or the will of God or one of those things.
And everyone wants to know the world is in such a justifiable state.

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