Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Beginning of an End

Today marks the end of my trust and respect for someone whom I thought had everything going for her. To have someone stab you in the back, bite the hand that feeds and pull the carpet from below your feet is damaging in all aspects when you have opened your heart and soul for her.

I have always wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt even when I distrust them from the first meeting. There's some sort of a pattern to these sort of people when I think about it. They are extremely nice to you, want to know the world about you and vice versa and then something happens along the way to make them turn against you. The people who 'seems' to love you to death are the one who will kill you in the end.

The only emotion I feel is the great disappointment that questions that person's sudden change of heart and the hatred they harbor. I guess this marks another chapter of my life where another door is opened and not a moment too soon. So I leave the joy-less people behind as I kick the KL dust off my cheap slippery Bata shoes.


And OMG I have been seeing 222 for a while now. And today too. And I met someone associated with the number too. Talk about signs ... I should have known.

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Shiekoreto said...

Today's record,

22ndOct09 - 10:10pm

the car infrnt of us plate no was 1111

jst now
23rdOct09 - 2:22am