Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Death no one Wins

The Annexe has made my life impossibly busy of late. Being my second home in many ways it has brought me closer to some people I know, got me new friends with familiar faces and some unexplainable spiritual connection with warriors of the like minded.

To start of a discussion at the Amnesty International for the World Day against the Death Penalty the movie The Life of David Gale was screened to a small group of audiences. Although the movie means well by supporting the cause of the protestors against the death penalty, the Deathwatchers, it was overdramatized and somehow loses its credibility. The death penalty or sentence is quite a cruel and unusual act when I think about it. It's basically the rule of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth which in other words is nothing but vengeance taken from (Leviticus 24:19–21, Exodus 21:22–25, and Deuteronomy 19:21)

Two of the hardest things to do in any given moment in life are to forgive and to let go. To some punishment is validated by this concept of teaching someone else a lesson or getting someone to pay for something undesirable. But after having experienced Montfort Boys Town and CERIA in my life I now firmly believe that rehabilitation is a better choice.

A person in the audience asked if we would still be against the death penalty if someone we loved is the one murdered. It is a hard question to answer especially when we are in grief. We have to ask ourselves if we can forgive a wrong doer again and again and again if it ever comes to that.

Today also marks the end of my long search for a place to call my home, although temporary. Hidden behind the majestic and luxurious condo Ken III and Ameera is an unknown apartment known as Damansara Bestari tucked in between. It doesn’t have an impressive exterior but inside it’s really fine and lovely. For now, my hostel days go on a hiatus but I will be back.

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