Saturday, October 3, 2009

What's coming along and coming up

Yesterday, the second day of October, I was fortunate to get a glimpse of the trailer of the feature film 'Fist of Dragon'. It looks pretty good with the director/actor showing off his Kung Fu skills and looking very much like Donnie Yen at some angles. If the movie's going to be a big hit in the market girls (and probably some guys) will go head over heels for the director cum actor. And for the first time I'm going to see my name on the big screen like I've never dreamt I could. We are all eagerly waiting for the premiere next year, so now I have at least one most anticipated event for 2010.

Next on the list I rewrote a new script for Black Diary (one which many writers wrote when we first met the director as a test piece) into some fantastical story that is an experimental piece shot on the green screen and incorporated with 3D effects. I also got the chance to see some of the completed scenes and they just blew my mind away! The 3D animator/modeller did a magnificent job which is in the league of other movies in the similar vein. Since this is the first attempt of the movie of this kind for the production company I feel extremely thrilled to be a part of their gungho attitude to venture into this area. Now that's another thing to look forward too.

Finally, since good things come in 3, my short horror stories will be realized into print as well! Woohoo! After all these years of writing, that's really amazing when I look back with tons of rejection, thinking maybe I wasn't cut out to be a writer. And I just can't imagine how far I've come. Thank god I've always believed it's more love than success that has kept me writing, writing and writing until today.

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