Monday, November 30, 2009


What is your tagline in life?

I will go where I am most needed.

I will go to a place where I can find myself.

I will go where I can be alone.

I will go where the wind takes me.

I will go where it can make me rich.

I will go where my full potential can be explored.

I don't want to go anywhere.

You can be assured that whatever you choose will become your reality.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Girl who will Scream into her Future

Being me is being wickedly imaginative all the time. I hear this little girl across my apartment who screams every day. You can hear that she's not exactly crying but she screams for the sake of attention and it drives her family up the walls. I think they don't know what she wants. And by the sound of their voices I can surmise that they are trying to distract her with something else or coax her into forgetting what she was screaming about.

This goes on every day without fail. While one side of me wants to kick her ass till kingdom come another part of me is wondering if this is some kind of foreshadowing of her future. Are the things we do as kids portends of our future? Show us what we could be good at? How our relationships will be? To what extend we wil suffer? And perhaps even give us an inkling of how we will die?

Now, wouldn't that be a nifty endowment? But I guess most people would not want to know, not especially the parents.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steps to solving a problem

1. Be open mided about finding a solution.
2. Be receptive to ideas, suggestions, comments or remarks given by others.
3. Find the root or depth of the problem rather than just the surface.
4. Look at the big picture of the entirety and also look into the little things.
5. Know that some problems don't need solutions but an acknowledgement.
6. Don't futher complicate it but simplify it.
7. If you can don't even consider it a problem. You have to remember that it may seem like a problem to you but not to others.
8. Finally, accept the end results whether it goes your way or is completely against the way you wanted it to be.

Friday, November 27, 2009

And my script comes to life...

This is quite amazing. The lead actor is also the director ... our very own Malaysian Donnie Yen!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life is...

When I was younger I thought life was suppose to be complicated or at least meant to be a form of suffering. I used to look deep into a problem and see the entanglement for what it is. But then, even as a child who hasn't tasted the wealth of life and discover the enigma of existence, I always tried to unravel the complexities and extricate myself from the difficulties I faced. Each time I get out of them I realize the end result is nothing more than a simple solution. The question is not whether a problem can be solved but whether the people bound to it want it solved.

Last night, some like-minded acquaintances and I discussed the measures of life for what it is and what it should be. While one jested about it being a box of chocolate another said it's complicated and yet another said it's just the tip of the iceberg and every one of the supposition is true to the person who believes in it. Ultimately, life is what you make of it.

It is simple when you want it that way. It is bewildering if you think it is. It is mesmerzing when you believe it is.

Here are some beautiful quotes about life:

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.
Isaac Asimov

Life has taught us that love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

it is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time and be bored all the while
Don Marquis

Monday, November 23, 2009

And we could all see it

I met a woman who was angry with everything
but she was just angry with herself
yet she didn't know it
but we could all see it.
She spoke of ill favored subjects
while she put down people
who she claimed are blinded
and nothing but shortsighted.
She used words like 'shit'
to describe an object
and stopped everyone from speaking
because she didn't want to hear it.
Her micro expressions were bitter
her body language exhibited dissatisfaction
with everything that she was
everything that she shredded.
I could hear her screaming for help
but she tried to hide the fact
that she was not doing so great
that she was a woman out of control.
She regurgitated sorrow and pain
but thought she was speaking with assertiveness
but she was falling apart, into pieces
and we could all see it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Grim World as we know it

As it were, as it were,
I remember the coldness of people,
the hardness of hearts,
the mindlessness of minds
and the hopelessness of beings.
How can the world not end?
How can the ignorant not
be swept away by the waves of their disbelieve?
As you know, as you know,
it's all about to go.
The science of selfishness,
the art of acquisition,
and the math of manipulation.
Everyone is too eager to be first,
everyone is too anxious for abundance
but ends up swallowed up by their avariciousness.
Here it comes, here it comes,
the bursting sun, the propelling meteor,
the tectonic shifts, the cataclysmic sea,
something has to end the corrupted culture,
something has to cleanse the perverse nature
of hate and anger and fanatical structure.
There they go, there they go,
too busy warring with one another,
killing the innocent bystanders.
How much more can anyone take?
How long more can the world spin?
This is the grim world as we know it,
this is the end of days for those who want it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dancing in the Light Fantastic

Such magnificence. Such brilliance. Such  devotion to art. This was just a teaser, or a bite size taste of what Ramli Ibrahim and Guna did for us on a Saturday afternoon when they inspired us with their disciplined movements and expressions to rhythm and music of the Bharata Natyam.

It was mesmerizing to say the least and most gratifying in some spiritual way in a manner of speaking. Those of us who were watching this performance were blown away by their precision and energetic movements. It is always a delight to see people with such passion for their love of something so beautiful.

BHAva (expression) + RAga (musical mode) + TAla (rhythm) NATYAM (dance) = BHARATA NATYAM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To the sweetest man I know

To the sweetest man I know,

I write this letter to remind you
that I have loved many lovers
but I have never loved you any less.
I have been around the world
and find when I'm with you is best.
You may not hold the title
for man of the year
but you are my only idol
and you are everything I hold so dear.
You may not think sweetness count for much
or the fact that I am mercurial like the wind,
or when how I get swept off my feet and such
but I still come back to you on a whim.
I can get high on a can of beer
and end up in some strange, forbidden bed.
But I love you like unfounded fear
I would rather have tea with you instead.
My wild and partying days have just begun
I cannot tell a lie.
You will always be the one
whom I can confide in when I sober up and cry.
I know it's asking for too much
if I wanted you to stay
but you know I'll always want you
after my sordid reckless days.
You're the sweetest guy I know
who is sweeter than a honey bee.
Would you rather you don't know
or would you rather be with me?

How Do You Sleep at Night?

How can you sleep at night
when you know you've done
an injustice to someone else?
How can you wake up
and look at yourself in the mirror
knowing you've sacrifice someone for your glam and glitter?
How can you smile
with your neighbors and friends
when you have caused another hurt and harm?
How can you pray to your god
when you have denied a person
his dignity and rights to be someone?
How can you lie through your teeth
and think nothing of it
when you make others take the fall?
How can you kiss your loved ones
and embrace them with your tainted heart
when you know it's viciously twisted after all?
How can you dance and party to celebrate life
when you have taken away someone's
will to survive?
Tell me how do you sleep at night
when you have been
inconsiderate, irresponsible and uncompassionate
to another human being?
Do you get nightmares
or do you dream dreams?
Tell me how do you sleep at night?
Will your conscience get you when your eyes are shut tight?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Readings in the Rain, Singings that are Strange

Sekeping Tenggiri is a wonderful hideout for anyone who wants to get away from a conditioned reality to one that is completely surreal. To have my first reading experience there is such an honor and a treat. The rooms are specially designed for those who love things simple and tastefully done. I'd die for a place like that to call my own.

It was a hot day when we started the journey to look for this strange and hidden location. My nervousness to get my stories printed/photocopied for distribution, which never happen, during the last minute caused my friends to skip their lunch to spend the rest of the time looking for the Mackerel. We went round in circles for a while and poor Mien had to ask for directions from just about anyone and everyone. Eventually we did find this magical getaway perched on a slope among other common looking link houses.

Tan May Lee was the first to kick off today's readings from her coontribution from Body 2 Body, then there was Ellen Whyte talking about her mischievous cat story, Haslina Usman who is ressurecting her father's beautiful legacy of written works, the adorable Ethan and his mom, Rebecca Loke, promoting their book on alopecia universalis, Afi Momo's lovely lovely poems, Yvonne Foong and her hope team fighting NF (Neurofibronmatosis) and Whaowillow with a snippet of then up and coming play.

Just when my turn to read was coming round the corner, the skies darken as if in affirm and accompany my 'horror' reading for this Halloween Day. Needless it was absolutely prodigous in more ways than one. I love the rain (always thought of becoming a storm chaser) and the ambience was magically transformed to one that suited the story I was about to tell. And as you would have it, the rain drove everyone away from the open seating and strangely I was reading to the trees and rain as though they were my audience. What a wonderful and momentous event this reading turn out to be for me.

Next stop: KL Sing Song. The Saturday lineup was Slowjaxx, Edwin & Albert and Wani for the first segment and Pete Teo, Karen Nunis Blackstone and Meor. It was a night of bluesy, jazzy, candy pop, rock, roll and frantic fusion. Meor's outstanding compositions remind me of Jim Steinman's operatic and epic songs. As for Friday night's acts they include Izzy to Paolo Delfino and Liyana for the first half and Rendra Zawawi, Nick Davis and Melina William in the second. And for this night Rendra is the most distinguisable for his theatrical performance that suggests the bizarreness of Tim Burton and Andrew Llyod Webber.

And as all things must come to an end Naga's usually sums it all up pretty well.