Monday, November 23, 2009

And we could all see it

I met a woman who was angry with everything
but she was just angry with herself
yet she didn't know it
but we could all see it.
She spoke of ill favored subjects
while she put down people
who she claimed are blinded
and nothing but shortsighted.
She used words like 'shit'
to describe an object
and stopped everyone from speaking
because she didn't want to hear it.
Her micro expressions were bitter
her body language exhibited dissatisfaction
with everything that she was
everything that she shredded.
I could hear her screaming for help
but she tried to hide the fact
that she was not doing so great
that she was a woman out of control.
She regurgitated sorrow and pain
but thought she was speaking with assertiveness
but she was falling apart, into pieces
and we could all see it.

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