Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Grim World as we know it

As it were, as it were,
I remember the coldness of people,
the hardness of hearts,
the mindlessness of minds
and the hopelessness of beings.
How can the world not end?
How can the ignorant not
be swept away by the waves of their disbelieve?
As you know, as you know,
it's all about to go.
The science of selfishness,
the art of acquisition,
and the math of manipulation.
Everyone is too eager to be first,
everyone is too anxious for abundance
but ends up swallowed up by their avariciousness.
Here it comes, here it comes,
the bursting sun, the propelling meteor,
the tectonic shifts, the cataclysmic sea,
something has to end the corrupted culture,
something has to cleanse the perverse nature
of hate and anger and fanatical structure.
There they go, there they go,
too busy warring with one another,
killing the innocent bystanders.
How much more can anyone take?
How long more can the world spin?
This is the grim world as we know it,
this is the end of days for those who want it.

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