Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Do You Sleep at Night?

How can you sleep at night
when you know you've done
an injustice to someone else?
How can you wake up
and look at yourself in the mirror
knowing you've sacrifice someone for your glam and glitter?
How can you smile
with your neighbors and friends
when you have caused another hurt and harm?
How can you pray to your god
when you have denied a person
his dignity and rights to be someone?
How can you lie through your teeth
and think nothing of it
when you make others take the fall?
How can you kiss your loved ones
and embrace them with your tainted heart
when you know it's viciously twisted after all?
How can you dance and party to celebrate life
when you have taken away someone's
will to survive?
Tell me how do you sleep at night
when you have been
inconsiderate, irresponsible and uncompassionate
to another human being?
Do you get nightmares
or do you dream dreams?
Tell me how do you sleep at night?
Will your conscience get you when your eyes are shut tight?

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