Monday, November 2, 2009

Readings in the Rain, Singings that are Strange

Sekeping Tenggiri is a wonderful hideout for anyone who wants to get away from a conditioned reality to one that is completely surreal. To have my first reading experience there is such an honor and a treat. The rooms are specially designed for those who love things simple and tastefully done. I'd die for a place like that to call my own.

It was a hot day when we started the journey to look for this strange and hidden location. My nervousness to get my stories printed/photocopied for distribution, which never happen, during the last minute caused my friends to skip their lunch to spend the rest of the time looking for the Mackerel. We went round in circles for a while and poor Mien had to ask for directions from just about anyone and everyone. Eventually we did find this magical getaway perched on a slope among other common looking link houses.

Tan May Lee was the first to kick off today's readings from her coontribution from Body 2 Body, then there was Ellen Whyte talking about her mischievous cat story, Haslina Usman who is ressurecting her father's beautiful legacy of written works, the adorable Ethan and his mom, Rebecca Loke, promoting their book on alopecia universalis, Afi Momo's lovely lovely poems, Yvonne Foong and her hope team fighting NF (Neurofibronmatosis) and Whaowillow with a snippet of then up and coming play.

Just when my turn to read was coming round the corner, the skies darken as if in affirm and accompany my 'horror' reading for this Halloween Day. Needless it was absolutely prodigous in more ways than one. I love the rain (always thought of becoming a storm chaser) and the ambience was magically transformed to one that suited the story I was about to tell. And as you would have it, the rain drove everyone away from the open seating and strangely I was reading to the trees and rain as though they were my audience. What a wonderful and momentous event this reading turn out to be for me.

Next stop: KL Sing Song. The Saturday lineup was Slowjaxx, Edwin & Albert and Wani for the first segment and Pete Teo, Karen Nunis Blackstone and Meor. It was a night of bluesy, jazzy, candy pop, rock, roll and frantic fusion. Meor's outstanding compositions remind me of Jim Steinman's operatic and epic songs. As for Friday night's acts they include Izzy to Paolo Delfino and Liyana for the first half and Rendra Zawawi, Nick Davis and Melina William in the second. And for this night Rendra is the most distinguisable for his theatrical performance that suggests the bizarreness of Tim Burton and Andrew Llyod Webber.

And as all things must come to an end Naga's usually sums it all up pretty well.

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