Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steps to solving a problem

1. Be open mided about finding a solution.
2. Be receptive to ideas, suggestions, comments or remarks given by others.
3. Find the root or depth of the problem rather than just the surface.
4. Look at the big picture of the entirety and also look into the little things.
5. Know that some problems don't need solutions but an acknowledgement.
6. Don't futher complicate it but simplify it.
7. If you can don't even consider it a problem. You have to remember that it may seem like a problem to you but not to others.
8. Finally, accept the end results whether it goes your way or is completely against the way you wanted it to be.


gingertom said...

Such wisdom, Ms. Julya!

Time for self-promo. Visit my blog for comics! :D


Julya said...

Yes Tommy I checked out your blog too :P