Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To the sweetest man I know

To the sweetest man I know,

I write this letter to remind you
that I have loved many lovers
but I have never loved you any less.
I have been around the world
and find when I'm with you is best.
You may not hold the title
for man of the year
but you are my only idol
and you are everything I hold so dear.
You may not think sweetness count for much
or the fact that I am mercurial like the wind,
or when how I get swept off my feet and such
but I still come back to you on a whim.
I can get high on a can of beer
and end up in some strange, forbidden bed.
But I love you like unfounded fear
I would rather have tea with you instead.
My wild and partying days have just begun
I cannot tell a lie.
You will always be the one
whom I can confide in when I sober up and cry.
I know it's asking for too much
if I wanted you to stay
but you know I'll always want you
after my sordid reckless days.
You're the sweetest guy I know
who is sweeter than a honey bee.
Would you rather you don't know
or would you rather be with me?

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