Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angels in America at the Annexe

We did a marathon, yes the whole 6 hours, of Angels in America at the Annexe to wrap up this year's Queer as Film Sundays. This is the first time I am watching it after hearing tons of recommendations, praises and conversation pieces. The hours passed faster than I expected but the series didn't grab me the way I thought it would. Or at least the way I've heard so much hype about. When I checked the awards that it won and responses in IMDB I'm wondering if I missed something here. Something so vital that made this TV series a hit and that is liked by everyone who spoke about it.

It's a good series of course but I felt there were other adapted plays that were much better than AIA. The outlandishness remind me of Twin Peaks and the multiple-role characters remind me of Peter Sellers, Whoopi Goldberg and even Jo Kukathas.

Here are some of the adapted plays that I have enjoyed tremendously over the years:

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958 (Tennessee Williams)
Deathtrap 1982 (Ira Levin)
Nell 1994 (Mark Handley)
The Crucible 1996 (Arthur Miller)
Rent 2005 (Jonathan Larson)
Bug 2006 (Tracy Letts)


gingertom said...

I watched the miniseries so so so many years ago ... Ahem ... anyways ... ^.^

Having heard comments often deterred our appreciation of a piece of work. You were asked to have high expectations, and naturally, you are disappointed, because our imagination, or subconsciousness, often create something better.

This is the kind of film I would watch alone. There is so many layers and details to the story and acting, they could only be appreciated in the solitary quietude.

gingertom said...

And, uh, I have the box set. XD If you like to review it again by yourself, you can ask me for it.

Julya said...

Thanks Ginger - it'll take me sometime to watch the whole series again...