Monday, December 14, 2009


I am totally totaled from the weekend. I didn't realize 2 days of art bazaar could take so much from me. Maybe it's because I was also rushing to get the chapbooks out? Or could it be that I just completed more than a week's long preparation for the Sentuh project?

Anyway the most fun part of the event was meeting some of my erstwhile students and a few new friends. But now I can hardly keep my eyes open and I miss my bed ... mattress. Oh! the joy of lying down and losing myself to slumber.

I also had the opportunity to watch Wayang Fajar which is bizarre, hilarious and visually impressive. I just loved what they did to the boxes, looking like an art installation, functions as the screen and also manipulated to express emotions and anthropomorphized. But most of all Zedeck stole the show with his Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart persona which brought the house down ... to the ground.

The other play by Fallen Leaves was just as remarkable with the issues of Three little words: Sex, Drugs & Violence. My best part was when Azahar read his very short and witty poem with such gusto and humor. These amateur actors are brilliant although they have no theater background.

I guess this is more the Art 4 Grabs for me than to watch the booth and wait for potential purchasers although I am grateful that they did.

And not forgetting the heroes.

Tonight I shall sleep well, knowing that I have done something I have always wanted to do. And the weekend has been really a lesson of life in so many ways. *Yawnnn* Good night world, goodnight to all who are compassionate, considerate and responsible.

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