Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Can I Tell You?

How can I tell the man
that he's children are not happy
with the situation at home?
How can I tell him
everything is falling apart
when all he can see is the facade he propped up?
How can I tell the woman
what she is doing to her son
will bring years of agony and despair?
How can I tell her
when all she wants to see
is the immaculate side of the son?
How can I tell this man
who spoils his son unconditionally with guilt,
and that he is doing more harm than good?
But he defends himself with the common axiom,
'you don't understand'.
How can I tell someone
who regard me as a friend
that I don't reciprocate the feelings?
Not because he doesn't
measure up to the guidelines I imposed
but because his pessimism brings me down?
How can I tel a friend
whose laughter is as empty
as the attention she is drawing?
Howw can I tell her
to seek the naked truth
instead of wearing the masks of deceit?
How can I tell anyone anything
when no one wants to listen?
Who am I to tell them what I see
when I could be implicated
for being discriminatory and judgmental?
But if I don't say a word
would I be cynical and irresponsible?
How can I tell you
you don't have to prove yourself
to anyone or yourself?
How can I tell you
you don't have to get defensive
and layout all the excuses of the world?
How can I tell you
to just let go and just be?
How can I tell you
what need not be explained?
How can I tell you
when you can't tell yourself?

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