Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Limerance? WTF

I just found out I suffered from Limerance when I was younger after all these years. This definition says it all.
Limerence refers to an involuntary cognitive and emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person.
Dorothy Tennov, Psychologist
It's a near obsession form of romantic love which is a kind of unrealistic expectation, like an infatuation, without the knowledge of the admired person. Thank god I'm out of it. This intensity can lasts for months or years and cause an emotional breakdown and probably even drastic measures of unrequited love. You can actually build a big picture of yourself and the person involved in a future that doesn't exist and live through it as though it's real.

Sounds very much like Fatal Attraction doesn't it?


gingertom said...

The condition is typical to all pubescent humans. :)

Julya said...

I see you're quite familiar with this as well :P

gingertom said...

Didn't you take the word limerence from my blog? It is the title of one of my entries. I assume as much. :p

Well, I cannot help but fall in love all the time. I have a big heart, and I want to love a lot. You could call it polyamory. ^.^ Wiki it.

Julya said...

Actually no Tommy a friend told me that word 2 nights ago before I saw it on your blog.

I know how you feel ... I was there before :)

But now I'm learning another new word - polymory

I'm more of a pansexual :P