Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Touch Project

What an experience it had been for the past 9 days of meetings, brainstorming, rehearsals, paintings and late nights at the mamaks that finally lead to Frinjan yesterday. A mixed bag of nuts we came from all over the places with theater background, artistic and designing scene, regular 9 to 5 Joe or Jane and even with some political affiliations.

Beginning with a 2 day sexuality and sexual rights workshop we meld into ideas for a one person performance on several issues related to the 16 days of activism against gender violence supported by JAG (Joint Action Group) and at the same time worked out the art installation. For such a short period of time what we achieved is remarkable and still beyond my expectation.

I've recently known Malaysians who defy logic to complete shooting a TV movie in 10 days, who can write scripts within a week and now this. Brilliant doesn't even cut it right. We assembled at 5 Arts Center for the first time and then continued with Strawberry Fields Cafe for brainstorming, SS2 coffee shop and the mamak for fellowship.

I still remember how the word 'sentuh' came about, which means touch, and also a combination of 2 words 'sexualiti dan tubuh' that means sexuality and body. The performances were 'Saya seorang wanita (I am a girl), Perempuan harus berambut panjang (Girls should have long hair), Saya bangga sebagai seorang wanita (I love being a woman), Space, Box, Tomboy, Invasion of Privacy and peephole.

Thanks for the memories Koon, Shieko, Fairuz, Ayam, Masturah, Sherilyn, Haslina, Paik Yin, Siti and Kevin (and everybody else). Another something for my autobiography.


gingertom said...

This sounds awesome!

Hong Kong completes filming a 40-odd episodes drama in a week back in the 90's, when their filming industry was in its worse period. I think these days Hong Kong is more concerned with quality, but the jobs are rushed nonetheless. ^.^"

Julya said...

My boss told me once that rushing makes us Russians.