Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Twas a Night of Delusions

I love going for Malaysian plays because so far there is always some form of unexpected surprise. From the gopher holes of Cuckoo Birds to the representational boxes used in Wayang Fajar and now this, a series of plays that take us from one room to the next.

I had no idea what Delusions: The Year in a Word was all about but I knew I just had to watch it since so many known talents are involved.

It started with a play without words of the lives of two ordinary people going through the motions of the ups and downs of an everyday existence with humor and wit. Next, we were ushered into the adjacent room  to experience the sights and sounds of a video performance and I somehow picked up on the nostalgia and wistfulness when the audio and visual baptized us. Following that were two healthy looking guys working out a routine, which made me breathless just watching them, while a political speech was played in the background. And then there is the leg of an ant has been wounded in the bottom of a well drama where the actors sit among the audience reiterating 'I dreamed of a cow last night', reminding of Rent the movie. If you think it can't go anymore bizarre than this we again adjourn to a room where face masks were distributed. Two actors and a pile of sand came into contact and the most magnificent visual effect I have ever seen emerged from the particles that were thrashed in a beam of light. Finally, a couple of clowns entertained us with their buffoonery and ingenuity of what clowns usually do. And to close an evening of outre events we were each given a card with instructions to mimic Teoh Beng Hock's death position, for those who chose to, on the ground to pay our respect for him in a silent candle light moment.

What a fantastic way to end the year for the arts. It takes so much of coordination to get the entire show running without hitches and it was definitely one event that could have had more audience to be a part of this creative delusion.

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