Sunday, January 3, 2010

And on the 5th day of Xmas

We went back up to Fraser's Hill again on our annual pilgrimage to be with mother nature, away from the insensibilities of mankind and ever lusting greed of survival. But even being away from all that we still found ourselves sickened by inconsiderate people who jumped queue at the gates up the hill. It goes to show you get them anywhere.

The wonderful thing about the trip was the wonderful company and good food but sometimes we tend to overeat and become just as barbaric when themeal is heavenly. I have yet to experience a simple meal, non intrusive atmosphere, meditative moments and coalesce into my mother's arms during my trip up the hills.

We brought in 2010 with wine and cakes, hugs and wishes and went trapdoor spider watching and star gazing before we called it the night.

Although I missed my writing and painting agendas I was also amazed at how I could survive without the internet for an entire week. It was a welcome since everywhere I go these days I can never be too far from emails and chats, social networks and surfing the net.

I like the positioning and distribution of the numbers 2010, which seem more like a science fiction chronicle than a year to still be conservative and backward with ideologies, acceptance and advancement.

Last year was a remarkable year for me especially the second half which took me by surprise and the first half that almost annihilated me. Just when I thought it was the end, the beginning swept me off my feet and flushed me down the river of unexpected metamorphosis. Meeting like-minded people and making a connection with my new reality was the most awe-inspiring and mind blowing experience for 2009.

With so many unpleasant news about this country that I live in I still have the optimism of a musical that everything would turn out perfectly the way it is meant to be. But as we all know, it's going to be hard, so difficult that giving up one's life may seem like a better choice but I clutch onto the tenacity of my delicate belief that everything will come to pass. The evil that man wants to disperse will be gone. Hearts that are malevolent will be crushed. And man who plays god will eventually find himself devoured by his own shallow superiority.

And this will be my 2010. A lot more opportunity for transcendence, new dimensions and life as a celebration.

Happy New Year!