Sunday, January 10, 2010

Death of a World in the hands of Man

What's become of this sad sad world?
Everyone wants to be right.
Every religion wants to claim victory
of things in heaven
and things on earth.
Every country wants to be rich
and rule all men from birth.
What's become of this cruel cruel world?
No one can be safe in their own backyard,
no one can live a simple life
when everyone chooses to live in the dark.
No one wants to know
no one wants to give.
Because everyone is too busy
learning not to forgive.
Everyone wants to see some bloodshed
before they can wake up to the sound of peace.
Everyone waits to waste away in a sorry state
before they finally realize there's more to life than just this.
What's going to become of this remarkable world?
When it is built upon twisted lies,
What's going to become of everyone
When it winds down slowly as it dies?
In the wake of a sad story,
in the dream of someone's reality.
The shame I feel for being human
what does it take for one to be so so inhuman?


Hmm... said...

Julya... I'm a puddle of tears after reading ur poem... you have yet again managed to so aptly capture in words what's churning in my heart...

Julya said...

Hmm ... I hope your puddle of tears will extract that tiny little spark of joy somewhere deep inside.