Friday, January 8, 2010

Music of the Night

Blue Wednesdays are days that I look forward to since I have very little knowledge of the indie bands in and around Malaysia. Last night was another big surprise for me with Stoned Revivals and Deserters but I am already familiar with Panda Head Curry, the lovable yet obnoxious band that knows no mercy and leaves no survivors.

It was a night to clear the ear drums from unclean spirits as the sounds of experimental soul music, alternative rock, political satire and guitar wails filled our bodies and souls. From this ear splitting experience we cowered into the night at Sec17 mamak.

And then a strange thing happened when we were walking up the apartment. 2 security guards from Carrefour were standing on the balcony and asked us if we have seen others like them and if we knew where they stayed. Funny how they couldn't find their apartment since they were new to the job and location. So I told them something silly like knocking on every door to find their way home.

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