Thursday, January 14, 2010

News, news, news

The news reports
that she got a gift that could buy someone
years of existence...
but she said she'd always wanted
a man to shower her with affection.
For the things she would buy
from the things he could afford.
That's how love is
according to her whims and thoughts.
The news says
hundreds have died,
a lot more unaccounted for
but in another part of the globe
people are arguing about all things absurd.
They talk so much about a word,
they send death threats to the innocent.
Everyone just wants to be heard
but no one wants to listen.
The news sensationalizes everything
so that someone may pick a copy.
What morals, what values, what consciousness
lead people to want catastrophe?
There's nothing ever good on all media,
it's about hurting and crying and winning.
How could we have come this far
just to go back again to embrace the needless suffering?

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