Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Goodness of your Heart can’t buy you Peanuts

A good heart doesn't get you very far these days. It won't get you a job. It won't make anyone become any nicer to you. And it won't take you very far in terms of ambition and success. The only people who will benefit from the goodness of your heart are probably you and your pets, if you have any.

You can be sincere, you can be trustworthy and you can do everything in your power to make the surroundings pleasant but that's as far as you can go. The world today is not looking for anything remotely close to that. You either have to have the fighting spirit of a Lion or the determination of a lemming before you are recognized. If your name is not attached to a list of credentials longer than your lifeline you can forget being a part of the fast paced existence. 

The trend is to find a ruthless, brutal, overzealous soldier who will do anything to make it in this ostentatious world. If you are peaceful, calm and affectionate you will be trampled over and forgotten even if you actually helped someone out of your goodness.

Everyone is at war today. Everyone is fighting a battle to outdo the other to proof to everyone else that they are better and bigger and stronger. If you don't fight the fight you are better off dead or exiled in an uncharted terrain. But if you still want to live among the feral human species you will be cheated, robbed, abused, mistreated and blamed. No one will help you because everyone is looking out for themselves and there is just no room for weaklings like you.

So if you find yourself ostracized for not taking sides, joining camps or warring with your enemies you are all alone. But maybe, just maybe, there is someone who is very much like you among the millions who know nothing but the concept of being number one.

But if you still believe in this goodness you may still find a niche group of people who actually don’t need to lie or cheat or create chaos to get by but all of you would most probably be ignored by the world’s standards anyway.  

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