Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm back home

I'm a homely person.

I'm sooo homely I can stay in for weeks without having to go anywhere, as long as I have my laptop and of course the internet. When I was staying in the Bukit Jalil apartment once I literally didn't come down to the ground for a few days since there was no reason to.

Now that I am back in Taiping I kind of miss my new place in Sec19, which I have grown accustomed to. Although it's not the best apartment in the world, it's home to me. With the occasional incident that involves the police, petty thieving, and a recent blackout it's still a nice place to go back to.

But I also love to be home with mom & dad and the 2 overly active dogs and the sound of nature all day and night long. Just goes to show home is really where you want it.

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