Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surviving Taiping

I haven’t had the use of internet for almost 2 weeks and I couldn’t believe I survived. When I am back in PJ I get nervous when I have been away from checking my emails and Facebook. But now, to my surprise, I am free from the addiction! So how did I rehabilitate myself? Through peace and quiet and the nature that surrounds me.

My dad and I were sitting on the swing to cool off in one the evenings when we saw a horn bill perching on our neighbor's gate. It was an amazing sight observing the humongous bird feeling so homely among the trees in my neighborhood. I love these little surprises whenever I come back to my hometown and witness all the magnificent creatures around the vicinity of my home.

I also caught sight of a huge beetle, about 3 inches, which is rare these days, clutching on a leave. And on another day I saw a chameleon displaying its frills and colors as though readying itself for a showdown with something in the garden.

It had been really hot in Taiping for the Chinese New Year this year and after my dad waters the plants the babblers, bulbuls and sparrows would come to take their showers in the little catchments on the leaves.

After dark there is a regular nightjar goes clucking as though trying to reveal a secret message. Last night I kept hearing its sequential Morse code that I decided to write down to see if there is some kind of a pattern to it. But what I’ve got is only part of its long and endless content and it goes like this:-


And this is not even one hundredth of it. I remember back in those days the sound that the nightjar made frightened me because of the old wives tales about the evil that is lurking outside the darkness. Perhaps it is a signal of some kind that someone might be able to decipher one day.

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