Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When are they going to wake up? When they lose everything?

There's this son, he's old enough to start his own path in life, in fact he is already too old but his parents want him back. His father laments to the entire clan about how his only son doesn't want to come home. But he is blind to the fact that the house is not a home when he and his wife are not on speaking terms. When his alpha male despotism is the only rule to consider.  When he and his wife had never taken care of the son when he was growing up at an impressionable age. When he listens to no one and does what he thinks is best for everyone. When he blames everyone else for his own faults and weaknesses. He is destroying his son's life by tying him to the chain of guilt. When is he going to wake up? When he loses everything?

This woman hangs on to her husband like he's the life support system she could never be unplugged from. She is stifling him with her needs for attention, for affection, for passion and she goes wild with envy when she sees him with another woman. Every woman is a competition to her and she cuts in his conversation, she plans his days and she controls his life. She doesn't hear his loneliness, she doesn't see his drudgery and she will never let him go. When is she going to wake up? When she loses everything?

He's a brat for the want of a word to describe what he is. He doesn't take orders. He does what he wants. He says everyone has no right to tell him what to do. He spirals down into a mess he creates for himself but he justifies it with his logic that goes as far as rebelling without a cause. He takes what he wants because he has no respect for anyone, no consideration for the person next to him and he takes no responsibility for the chaos he leaves behind. When is he going to wake up? When he loses everything?

She is the one who lets her son get away with murder and justifies it with spiritual experience. She is ignorant to the fact that life is made up of everything and all kinds of people. She denies everything she considers bad for her soul because she only wants the good, the beautiful and the magical. Yet, beneath all that her home is a wreck, her son's life is heading for disaster and everything around her is falling apart. When is she going to wake up? When she loses everything?

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gingertom said...

Talking about a wake up call!