Sunday, March 28, 2010

Empty old people

Our country is run by empty old people
who tell us empty old lies
who seek out empty bins for
instant gains and empty cries.
How long more are we going to tolerate
this emptiness that is spreading?
How long more will we sit back
and listen to their empty old rantings?
Our planet is swarmed with empty old people
who can't let go of the things that don't belong to them.
Who can't share the kindness and hope,
who would rather see everything go up in smoke.
Why do we let them run this town?
Why do we let them run around?
Like headless chickens and mindless fruticakes,
with hollow promises on empty plates.
The world is full of empty old people
who have lost their love and compassion.
Just because they are old and admirable,
Won't they see what they're doing to the children?

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