Friday, March 12, 2010

Of new vibrations and higher frequencies

Today I woke up with a new vibration. Yeah it sounds like a lyric from a disco song but I literally felt my entire body pulse with a new form of energy.

I've been very sensitive to all kinds of sounds lately from distant screams to jarring laughter and my name being called. There were twice I heard my niece and my mom calling out to me which woke me from my sleep. My heart beat is also irregular and at times out of rhythm as it were. Of course the usual numbness of my body, headaches and a great change in my diet persisted as usual.

If you are into spirituality there are some good websites to explain and discuss the change at length but if you are hypochondriacal I guess there are pills for everything and if you are a realist, chances are you wouldn't be reading capricious blogs like this. Hahaha (writer lost her bearings for a moment).

As the world falls flat on it's face there's got to be some kind of hope ... and it begins with a realization that starts with you.

Anyway, the times are-a-changin and the answer is blowin in the wind.

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