Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tell me about the darkness & the stars

Today, I attended a funeral.

I was ready for it. I told myself Joe is in a better place now and I would not break down like how I do when watching very emotional movies and documentaries. Requiem mass was how I remember going to Church when I was still very much into religion. And everything was okay up to the point when families and friends started tearing up for a departed teacher, friend, brother and son. Tears were inevitable, especially so when I saw his mom breakdown so heartbreakingly by the casket.

When I was a teenager I saw my friend's mom send him off after he had a tough battle with cancer. His mom was devastated and was wailing uncontrollably for him when they took his body away for cremation. Today, it brought back all the memories that isn't so different after all. It's never easy seeing someone you love pass on before you. Even with an open mind and heart tears are never too far away.

All the 'what ifs' remind me again about life's fragile beauty, which is so precious and how easily it could slip away. Only in the darkest night can we see the most amazing stars.

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