Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where I live...

I survive on small joys in life. Today I found a new laundry shop which just opened about a week ago three floors down from where I live. My friend and I don't have to trouble ourselves to go to Happy Mansion anymore and on top of all that it is also much cheaper: RM2.30 per kg while the other one is RM6.50 per kg.

At the lower ground, at the car park area, there is also a stall that sells good Indian cooking. At most times our meals would come up to RM2.50 or RM3.00 per person and a teh tarik is RM1.50 while a teh O ice is RM1.00. At this time and age and in Klang Valley itself I was astounded by the discovery in this unassuming low cost apartment. There is also a barber shop in another block, some eating stalls and at least 3 sundry shops among the limited 4-block apartment.

Besides all the conveniences the Bestari apartment community also provide free tuition for kids and the usage of the community hall is free if less than a day.

And today I cooked vegetable dhal for the first time in my recently purchased rice cooker and it came out brilliant! Emm hmm ... and now sipping teh O panas in the quaint little living room.

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