Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Fantabulous Night at the Ra Ra Ra-ah-ah

Hahhahhah! Ahhhaahhaha! Who dat gurl? She-lah!

It was an uproarious night of risible ridiculousness plus some great performances by a list of unforgettable stars. We laughed till our cheeks hurt whenever Shelah is on stage. Just one look at her and you can really go gaga and gagging for air.

Wong Siew Jye was a hilarious guitarist who sang 2 cheeky songs, one of Malaysia and another of ghosts. Yudi brought us back to an era of Chinese oldies in her stylized Oriental moves, especially one when she try to strangle my son with her scarf. That handsome dude, Will Quah, whom I thought was only a TV host proved to be more than that. He actually gave us a rib tickling time with his stand up comic and a sweet witty song. Aaron Khaled, another young stud, did a Bob Dylan to all the girls' (and guys') excitement with his beautiful melodic voice. And then there were the Vodka Vulvas, Alex Koh and Izlyn Ramli to contribute to this uh-so fabulous night. Oh yes, there was also that guy from Brooklyn who tore one of the volunteers to pieces with his love song.

And we all sat at the longest table to sup at Mahbub.

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