Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Fate of Things to come

I have been bogged down with all kinds of things lately. A few days before Joe's passing I was feeling a little down and the song Old Man River kept haunting my mind in the mornings when I woke. There was also scripts to rush where I had to read up all kinds of science facts and one of them was about electricity. The more I read about Thomas Edison the more I despise him as a human being. Obviously he had no compassion whatsoever for animals when he electrocuted them just to prove that Nikola Tesla's alternating current (AC) was not as good as his direct current (DC). I wonder if he should still pay for his cruelty towards animals. My son also posted a video on animal abuse, killing and murder just to get their pelts for all kinds of fashion accessories. I find this utterly despicable and horrifying that people actually can do that sort of thing just to make a fast buck. And to read about Nestle's dreadful past, I am joining the rest of the world who are boycotting their products.

Also, the corruption of authorities and powerful people are being exposed everywhere in the world. I keep asking that question: don't they have any conscience? Using the dirty money to send their kids to colleges, feed their family's insatiable appetite and accumulating possessions that they don't need? And secret information about things to come and countries that will fall and the chaos that the big guns are planing. At the same time I saw 'We give a damn' campaign' started by Cyndi Lauper.

On my personal front I have been reinvented, so to speak, as I am more and more of a vegetarian than I  thought I would ever be. It first started a few years back, may be 2 or 3, when I cut down on a lot of meat. Now I am so used to not having meat I can survive literally on any kinds of vegetable. My friend and I have adopted such a simple lifestyle we are good without a TV, unnecessary clutter, needless possessions and eating only what our bodies require.

How times have changed so drastically and how I am now able to see the tragic side of life together with the hopeful is bewildering. And while I am still present here in this world, although cynicism has a way to creep up at times, I still want to be one of the aspirers for a better place where I can wake up in the mornings and smell the roses. Hope you'll be there as well.


Chet said...

Wonderful post, Julya. I drop by now and then to see how you're doing.

Stay well.

Julya said...

Thanks Chet, nice to see you here again.

Cheryl said...

Hi Julya,

Have you tried this vegetarian restaurant near 1 Utama? It's very good and has some pretty interesting creations. Prices also reasonable.


Julya said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the tip. So far I succeeded in making vegetable curry, steam tempei with spices, minced vegetable sandwiches and I got some help with the China brand olives and Indian ginger acar.