Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Glamor & Glitz at the last Cameronian Awards

The awards night began like a Broadway musical with Shannon Shah and Fahmi Fadzil breaking out in song in the opening act. And then it was the award goes to...

A host of talents, renowned artistes, veterans and newbies presented the awards and of course Shelah stole the show for a moment with her fabulousness. Though much of the ceremony was the typical awards night, there were laughs from some of the more comic presenters.

Congratulations to Pang for the Cross Cultural Champion Award and The Temple of Fine Arts for the Lifetime Achievement Award, both very deserving winners.

The highlight of the night was of course the closing performance by Hands on Percussion who resembled Gothic puck rockers waiting to free their musical spirits. (

And to complete the festivity, we headed to the Sultan Lounge for free beers and nuts and danced till the gods turned green.

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