Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rhythm in Bronze, Rhyming in Gold

I was at the MPO Happy Hour yesterday to catch Rhythm in Bronze and it was quite a amazing to see their performance. Since I missed their 'Hari Jadi' at PJ Arts at Jaya One, it was good to see the very brief on-hour introductory musical feast of what Gamelan music is all about.

Though I felt the setting at the MPO hall didn't do justice to their peculiar yet familiar, sometimes-muffled, sometimes-piercing, metallic sounds, they were quite unique in their own characters. I can imagine it to be better if this form of music is taken to heights never before seen or experienced otherwise it will just remain at a jarring level that can only be enjoyed once for it to be pleasurable.

The presentation of each piece of instrument is preceded with humor and  little history before a variation is played. After all the aptly named musical tools have been acquainted with the audience the final song culminated to the grand finale where all of us wished for more. But all we heard was the thunderous applaud and whistling as they resonated with the sounds of the Gamelan lingering in our ears.

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