Saturday, April 10, 2010

There's no business like My business

My friend and I have always wanted to start our own company but our main priority wasn't profit. So when we met up with businessmen and accountants to ask for advice it was always the same. They would come up with various ways of asking 'How can you not want to make profit? No investor will even look into your business, much less back you up.' So, for all these years we have been going round in circles looking for an answer and trying to sell our souls to the ways of the world. But being the idealists that we are we kept to our decisions and still no way out of the hard and fast rules of the game.

Recently, we had another encounter with an accountant and the story goes back and forth with the same age old question. Money. We're at the age where sufficient is enough although the law of attraction says we can have all that we want. The thing is, why does a person want so much money? How many mansions, condominiums, luxurious cars, designer clothes, monthly vacations can a person want? And what are they for when their lives are still filled with emptiness and loneliness? Well, silly me, I'm the impractical one. I'm a believer who can do without unnecessary paper work and forms, red tapes, protocols and bureaucratic procedures. I only want to use art as a therapeutic form of education for children and for adults, using my so-called 5E Guide.

Anyway, after that meeting, I told my friend may be we are looking more towards starting and NGO instead. But I find it disheartening whenever I hear my NGO friends telling them there is always never enough funds and that they have to come out with all kinds of fund raising to keep the organization going. Year after year, it's always the same and that is not what I want either. What Ryan Libre says is so true especially -  
Becoming obsolete should be the fundamental goal of all NGOs.

If you try to maintain control, dependencies will develop, and once dependencies start they are hard to stop.
Dependency can leave NGO volunteers feeling trapped and sometimes even leave negative impacts on the people you are trying so hard to help.
I have had seen and experienced instances where passion goes right to the head and become an obsession. So

After some googling I found something new, something call Social Entrepreneur and I thought, that is it. Something that is self sustaining and yet pursuing to resolve an issue that needs attention. Some of the things people are doing today are commendable and it's getting closer and closer to the common goal of wanting to make things better for everyone and not hogging profits for our short and expendable life. While ruthless authoritarians are still at their power struggling game, they know their days are numbered. They know they can't fool the nation anymore than they can hide their dirty laundry.

But first, our hearts have to be the first to open.


Chet said...

"sufficient is enough"

I like this phrase!!

The reason most people want more money is because once they have a little, they end up with financial commitments that require more money. Unless someone is mega rich, all those mansions, condominiums, luxurious cars, etc., are not paid for with one payment, but spread out over months and years, so that life becomes an unending cycle of making more money in order to make those monthly payments.

True or not?

Julya said...

Heh - people and commitments - I guess there's still so much to consider before committing.