Monday, May 17, 2010

EMP and all that's left to see

I was talking to a friend about designs these days and how they are so easily accessible in more ways than one. When I was an art student, way back then :P, I did a soft drink for my final campaign. I still remember the product was called 'Bluey', a bluish aerated drink with a hint of mint and it's blue. The teachers told me it looked like detergent and my work looked unfinished.

If they are still around today I guess they would flip when they see drinks that come in various colors and tastes. Before the computer was even a plausible idea in the 80s, well at least for us students and locals, we had to photocopy things we wanted, cut and paste with cow gum, use set squares to get the designs in line and buy the expensive letrapress - a kind of press on stencils for fonts - and do everything else by hand. It was tough work but we all managed to do them without the help of technology so to speak.

But these days, an art student without a computer is completely handicapped. Such are the times. I've always wondered what if the world is hit by an electromagnetic pulse where everything electronic and electrical gets fried. What would the world be like then? No more emails, Facebook, chats, Skype, surfs, refrigerators, radios, handphones, TV, microwave ovens, washing machines, planes, trains, automobiles - would we have to go back to the stone age again?

But I guess for people who are used to cycling, working on farms, painting, writing in longhand, reading, exercising, cooking with charcoal or firewood, dreamers, vagabonds, homeless, musicians and children who still play outdoor games will find it easier to survive. As for the rest of the world ... I don't know. What about you? Can you survive an EMP if it were to hit us anytime soon?

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